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Volume 5, Issue 1 - Spring 2019


Letter from the Editors

Welcome, Readers -

We thank you so much for taking the time to read Humphrey Public Affairs Review, Volume 5, Issue 1 for the 2018-19 school year. We were fortunate for many reasons this year in our role as Co-Editors-in-Chief, most importantly for having the opportunity to read all the wonderful student submissions for publication.

This year offered students many exciting opportunities to apply the lessons they have learned in the classrooms into their communities. In the political world, the 2018 midterms allowed our budding policy professionals a chance to flex their organizing skills in a number of local election contests. A budget year at the statehouse and a new governor at the helm set off fruitful debates about the future of the state on a number of fronts: from healthcare, to transportation, to clean energy, to education -- and even some conversation rumblings of legalizing marijuana with interesting intersections of racial equity, criminal justice reform, culture, and economic development.

A number of these issues and more, we’re pleased to say, entered into our publication in the form of thoughtful and critically researched discourse from the writers. Students shed light on issues surrounding climate change, foreign policy, education, disease policy, military policy, to name a few. Depending on their focus, the writers chose to formulate detailed policy briefs, punchy op-eds or critical book reviews to most effectively get their point across. The breadth -- and depth -- of these submissions speak to the fact that Humphrey welcomes interdisciplinary learning and strives to offer a multitude of subject -area courses to feed the passion of our students and complement our core policy coursework. We would be remiss if we suggested this publication effort were a two-woman-show. Quite the contrary. In the fall we worked with a dedicated staff of student editors who submitted their own pieces and were on the ground working on external submissions to make them shine for publication. And writers who submitted work engaged thoughtfully in the iterative, comprehensive editing process.

We do hope you get as much enjoyment as we have in reading the following works. We are proud to present this to you as a testament to Humprey’s student engagement.


Carissa Kemp and Hannah Rank Editors-In-Chief of Humphrey Public Affairs Review


Mississippi Charter Schools

Katherine Raths


Environment and Conservation

Foreign Policy