Current Issue

Volume 8, Issue 1 - Spring 2022

Letter from the Editor

By Jo Rutkiewicz

Welcome Readers -

I am proud to present the eighth volume of the Humphrey Public Affairs Review. HPAR provides an opportunity for

Humphrey students to refine their writing and editing skills while showcasing their opinions, research, and passions in a professional and safe setting. Since its first publication in 2013, HPAR has developed into a pillar of the Humphrey community. I am grateful and humbled to work with the incredible editorial board this year, all of whom brought discipline

and passion to create a platform that centers students’ voices.

Since our last publication, we have witnessed the tyranny of Russia against Ukraine, deadly ramifications from the use of no knock warrants, climate change’s never-ending devastation, the threat of COVID-19 continuing to loom over everything we do, and too many other problems and events to count. It’s easy to lose motivation, yet I maintain optimism. This journal demonstrates the compassion and drive of Humphrey students, their aspirations and goals, and the future direction of policy. We highlight research-based solutions to policy issues that affect our lives directly and indirectly.

Many policy fields are represented in this year’s publication. Topics range from the frontline perspective of Black Lives Matter in Minneapolis to affordable housing in Greater Minnesota; the far-reaching impact of wildfires in California to international peace diplomacy; and the implications of oil industry ties. Artificial intelligence, transportation costs in Minneapolis, and the taxation of feminine hygiene products are all presented in this through high-quality research and analysis, demonstrating the diversity of interests and opportunities at the Humphrey School.

I cannot wait to see how HPAR develops under new leadership in the next year and beyond. This platform continues to show the ambition and ingenuity of Humphrey School students through the collaborative publication process. I would like to thank everyone who has supported HPAR: our faculty advisor Dr. Deborah Levison who kept the journal afloat during the tumultuous effects of the pandemic, the Humphrey School’s administration and Dean’s office for seeing the value of projecting student voices, each of the authors who submitted work and went through the editing process, and of course, the whole editorial board who fostered a space that emphasized a strengths-based approach. This journal would not exist without the hard work that everyone gave.

Please, take the time to process and engage with the articles. We have put in many hours and drank more coffee than necessary to publish this journal – from everyone on the editorial board, thank you for reading.