Submission Procedure:

Submit your Policy Paper, Op/Ed, Book Review, and Interview as an email attachment to

Please include the following information:

  • Name
  • U of M email
  • Title of Piece
  • Type of Submission 

HPAR seeks to display the quality work being done by Humphrey students.  The questions and areas explored in this work will be diverse but what holds it together will be the level of student contributions and effort. A trained Humphrey editing team will work with writers once a submission is accepted to support the professional growth of the writer.


Submission Acceptance Criteria:  

  1. Strength of the argument or proposal
  2. Relevance to contemporary issues
  3. Format and quality of writing


Types of Submissions & Format: 


Policy Papers

  • Length: 1500-3000 words (5 - 10 pages)
    Note: length does not including graphs, charts, figures, or exhibits which may be submitted as Appendices
  • Document Format: MS Word document, Times New Roman Font, Double Spaced with APA style referencing
  • Professional pieces should reflect the highest level of analysis displayed by graduate students as they address key policy issues facing our local, national, or global environment.  
  • The questions and answers explored in these pieces should have diverse perspectives and fit within one or more of the following area(s):
    • Economic, Community and International Development
    • Governance, Management & Politics
    • Global and International Issues
    • Social Policy
    • Environment, Science and Technology
    • Urban and Regional Planning
    • Human Rights
    • Gender and Public Policy

*NOTE: If you have a piece that you do not feel fits “neatly” into one of these categories, still submit! These categories are to help provide guidance for submission and are not exclusive.


Op/Eds: The Forum

  • Length: 500-800 words
  • Submissions must analyze current public affairs issues at the local, national, or global level
  • All submissions must be original and exclusive to HPAR (i.e., HPAR will not accept previously published pieces)
  • Please cite proper sources by using hyperlinks embedded in the article’s text
  • Facts and figures require proper sources (academic or non-academic are allowed)
  • Submissions that reflect the authors’ views are welcomed and encouraged, but please make clear the difference between personal opinion and analysis - libel will not be tolerated


Book Reviews

  • Length: 1 - 2 pages
  • Books must be nonfiction and relate to current policy issues facing our local and global communities.  Overall, this book should act as a tool to expand policy decisions.



  • Length: 1-2 pages (30 - 45 minutes)
  • Interviewee must have influenced public policy decisions during their career.  Questions asked during the interview should relate to current public policies at local, national, or international level. 
  • Summarization of the Interview is encouraged, with a reflective conclusion by the interviewer to relate context to a particular field of their interest.

Author & Editor Expectations: 

Editing & Publishing Process

  1. As noted above, APA referencing is required for all policy paper submissions. 
  2. Each submission will go through an editing and revision process in accordance with an agreed timeline for the writer and editing team. Editing teams will be checking all citations referenced in the submission, any plagiarism or fabrication in referencing will automatically disqualify a submission.
  3. HPAR published articles may not be eligible for future publishing in journals with certain restrictions.
  4. All submissions will be considered for the Annual Spring Issue of HPAR in which a selection of the highest quality pieces will be published onto our website and for further references online.