By: Mallory Mitchell

Anne Carroll, strategic planning and public engagement consultant, sat down with HPAR to discuss her interpretation of Minnesota Nice, and its effects on education. Carroll is a Humphrey School alumna, business owner, and 15-year veteran of the Saint Paul Board of Education.


“As I got older, and became much more conscious of my whiteness and privilege and my status as someone who is native-born, I learned to ask other people what they thought of Minnesota Nice.”

Note from the Managing Editor: This piece is the first in a series in which HPAR will seek to explore the Minnesota experience through interviews with notable local figures, including writers, politicians, and Humphrey School alumni. Our first victim, Andy Sturdevant, is a Minnesota author and artist whose work has appeared institutions and publications ranging from the Minneapolis Institute of Art to a weekly column on MinnPost. His first book, Potluck Supper with Meeting to Follow, was published in 2013.