About the Forum

The Forum is a non-partisan and independent opinion exchange featuring student commentaries on contemporary public affairs issues and current events. The digital format provides a suitable venue for students to reach a wider audience and the ability to discuss diverse viewpoints on today’s local, national, and global challenges.

Publication and Editorial Review Process

HPAR will accept submissions on a rolling basis. If approved, the article will be published on the The Forumwithin approximately seven days of receiving the draft. All submissions are subject to a review process by HPAR editors. After the editorial review process, the author will have the opportunity to reconcile the editors’ comments and make changes to the submission once more.

As a point of reference, please visit The Brookings Institution’s Blogs webpage to view assorted commentaries on local, national, and global public affairs issues.


  • Submissions must address public affairs issues at the local, national, or global level.
  • HPAR requires that all submissions are between 500-800 words.
  • All submissions must be original and exclusive to HPAR (i.e., HPAR will not accept previously published pieces).
  • Please cite the proper sources by using hyperlinks embedded in the article’s text; APA formatting is not used for the The Forum.
  • Facts and figures require proper sources – academic or non-academic sources may be used.
  • Submissions that reflect the authors’ views are welcomed and encouraged. Please make clear the difference between personal opinion and analysis. Libel will not be tolerated.