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Manufacturing Decline?

By: Lauren Walker Bloem

Manufacturing productivity in the United States has gone up, consistently, over the years. In fact, we make almost twice as much in manufacturing output as we did in 1987. How is this possible, when total manufacturing jobs over the same period of time has decreased by about 7,000,000 people?

Strengthening Trade with our Communist Southern Neighbor

By: Taylor Edward Crouch

The recent death of Cuba’s former president and revolutionary political leader, Fidel Castro Ruiz, has put into question the future of U.S. trade relations with the island nation. President Barack Obama re-established diplomatic ties with Cuba in 2014 by vowing to “cut loose the shackles of the past.” In the interest of U.S. trade policy and the protection of human rights, the current trade embargo with Cuba must be eliminated.

Why are so many shocked with the election results?

By: Jen Strait

The United States is a great country, arguably the best in the world. This country is filled with wonderful people from all walks of life, who have different backgrounds, and who have different beliefs and values. It is well known that roughly half of actual voters vote Democrat, and the other half of the voters vote Republican. It is also not a secret that often the newly elected president represents the opposite party of the incumbent party. President George W. Bush replaced President Bill Clinton, who replaced President George H.W. Bush; all representing a switch in political parties. Recall President Obama replacing President George W. Bush, he campaigned under the mantra of “Hope and Change”.

Choosing Radical Compassion in a Radical Post-Election World

By Kaylee Myhre Errecaborde

We were nearly two weeks out from the elections before I bravely picked up the phone to make contact with my family and friends from the other side. If you were like me, you probably practiced some serious avoidance tactics in attempts to ignore the huge orange elephant in the room. My mom asked me how I was in a tone that rang half sympathetic, half pitying. She knew how upset I was.

The Pinocchio Paradox

By: Barbara Crosby

Citizens want honest politicians, interpreted as those who do not lie or cheat us. Yet politics, as does any social interaction, requires a certain degree of truth-withholding, evasion, and yes, lying.

Gun Control: A National Security Question

By: Matt Gieseke

America, land of the free, home of the…firearm? Of course it is. Guns are American as apple pie and John Wayne. It’s simply ingrained in the fabric of the American mentality. What pundits and politicians continually miss in this regard is the impact that gun control can have on U.S. national security.

It's Time to Make a New Afghani-Plan

By: Madeline Welter

For both Republican and Democratic 2016 presidential candidates, foreign policy has been one of the main themes of campaign platforms and debate strategies. This is no surprise. The list of issues that the next president will need to address seems to grow longer by the day.

Planning Policy and Immanent Causality

By no stretch of the imagination, the unprecedented levels of global inequality and inequity present two of the largest challenges facing policy makers and planners in the 21st century.  Given the breadth and intensity of these challenges, policy makers, planners, social scientists, social workers, development specialists, advocates, and community organizers need to have a frank discussion about the globalized information economy and its effects on people and the planet.  To have such a discussion, we have to think about the foundation of scientific or technical solutions that are ascribed for structural problems and be open to new and competing philosophies and practices

Who Really Won the Democratic Presidential National Debate?

By: Taylor Edward Crouch

“The press is a weapon and you can use it to kill people or to feed people.” – Leslie Knope, Parks & Recreation TV Series

The Language of Public Value

By: Barbara Crosby, Associate Professor 

What are public values and their role in democratic life? How can we know if government programs or cross-sector collaborations produce public value? These are the kinds of questions participants in PA 5190 Creating Public Value will explore during fall semester 2015 at Humphrey.

The Restless Dream of 2015

By: Karl Schuettler

It has not been a particularly good summer for the American Dream.