About the Context Corner

As a fellow policy student, we know you all like to read, even though you might not have time.  We at HPAR know your time is valuable, so we thought it would be beneficial to provide reviews of the books we’re reading or have read.  Hopefully, this allows some of you to find something you both enjoy and find informative at the same time (or avoid books you might find the complete opposite!).

HPAR would also like to open up Context Corner to all Humphrey School students to submit reviews of any books they’ve been reading!  The only requirements for submission are:

  • The book is non-fiction
  • You relate the book back to policy in some way
  • The review isn’t over a page
  • Try to keep to the same format we use (we can work with you on that!)

Understanding the context around the policies we study is crucial for pretty much every field at the Humphrey School.  Our hope is that through this, we can do some of the work for you to find good sources for that context!