Volume 3 Issue 2

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the Spring 2016 issue of the Humphrey Public Affairs Review. In this latest edition, our authors dive into topics ranging from public benefit corporations to LGBTQ rights, and take us on journeys from such exotic locales as China and Minneapolis of the 1970s. As always, HPAR seeks out cutting-edge insights on contemporary policy debates, and this semester’s issue pushes the dialogue on a variety of issues.

photo of woman in red coat walking down street in Shanghai

By: Mauricio Leon

By: June Nkwenge

Respect for rights of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, and Intersex (LGBT) people in the United States has improved over time, largely due to efforts of organizations like OutFront Minnesota, the leading organization in all LGBT matters in Minnesota.  Despite this, LGBT people around the world still face discrimination at work, in schools, and in healthcare, as well as violence and sometimes death because of their real or perceived sexual orientation and gender identity.

By: Peter Schmitt


Public Benefit Corporations (PBCs) represent the new policy trend in social enterprise.  Many states are adopting laws that recognize PBCs as a legal entity type, which allows corporations to pursue both social and financial values when making business decisions. 

By: Mallory Mitchell

Anne Carroll, strategic planning and public engagement consultant, sat down with HPAR to discuss her interpretation of Minnesota Nice, and its effects on education. Carroll is a Humphrey School alumna, business owner, and 15-year veteran of the Saint Paul Board of Education.


“As I got older, and became much more conscious of my whiteness and privilege and my status as someone who is native-born, I learned to ask other people what they thought of Minnesota Nice.”